SEBA HSLC Result 2023 Announced: Assam Board 10th Class Results Declared Today, May 22 

The Secondary Education Board of Assam (SEBA) has officially announced the much-awaited results of the High School Leaving Certificate (HSLC) examination for the year 2023. The results were made public on May 22, providing students with access to their Class 10 mark sheets. To obtain the results and download their mark sheets, students can visit the official SEBA website at or

SEBA HSLC Result Announcement:

The long-anticipated SEBA HSLC results for the academic year 2023 have been declared by the Secondary Education Board of Assam. The announcement of these results signifies a significant achievement for students who have completed their 10th-grade examinations. These results hold immense importance as they serve as a stepping stone towards higher education and future career prospects.

Accessing the Results:

To retrieve their SEBA HSLC results, students are required to visit the official website of SEBA at or These platforms provide a user-friendly interface that enables students to conveniently download their mark sheets. By inputting their examination roll numbers and other necessary details, students can retrieve their individual results. It is essential for students to ensure the accuracy of the provided information to obtain the correct results.

Mark Sheet Download:
SEBA has facilitated the download of mark sheets for the convenience of students. Once the SEBA HSLC results are available, students can access their mark sheets in a printable PDF format. This feature allows students to maintain a physical record of their academic achievements, which can be useful for future reference or documentation purposes. It is advised that students download and save their mark sheets securely.

Official SEBA Website:
The official website of the Secondary Education Board of Assam,, serves as the designated platform for accessing the SEBA HSLC results. It offers a seamless and secure online environment for students to obtain their mark sheets. Additionally, serves as an alternative website to access the results, providing flexibility and convenience to students during the result-checking process.

The Importance of SEBA HSLC Results:
The SEBA HSLC results play a significant role in a student’s educational journey. These results serve as a testament to the academic performance and growth achieved during the 10th-grade examinations. The marks obtained in the HSLC examination often serve as a primary criterion for admission into higher secondary schools and colleges. Additionally, these results can provide valuable insights into a student’s strengths and areas for improvement, guiding them towards suitable career paths and further academic pursuits.

Guidance for Students:
Upon receiving their SEBA HSLC results, students are advised to carefully review their mark sheets. It is crucial to verify the accuracy of the displayed information, including personal details and subject-wise marks. Any discrepancies or concerns should be promptly reported to the relevant authorities for necessary rectification. Additionally, students are encouraged to seek guidance from their teachers, mentors, or educational counselors to understand their results comprehensively and explore appropriate academic options moving forward.

The announcement of the SEBA HSLC results for the academic year 2023 marks a significant milestone for students in Assam. The availability of Class 10 mark sheets through the official SEBA website at and enables students to conveniently access and download their results, ensuring a transparent and accessible result-checking process. It is crucial for students to interpret their results positively, acknowledging their hard work and dedication. The Secondary Education Board of Assam congratulates all students on their achievements and wishes them success in their future