Difference between internet and intranet

Difference between internet and intranet

Difference between internet and intranet, lets understand definition of internet and intranet

Internet :

It is public network. This consists of thousands of individual network and millions of computers located around the world.

The internet is not owned or administered by any central managing body. This feature become vital to the productivity of most businesses.

Internet have many different types of services available such as e-mail, the web and Usenet newsgroups.

An Internet connection for a network consists of a telephone connection to an ISP (Internet Service Provider). Internet require more security, so for this purpose firewall system implemented.

Intranet :

It is private network or it is company’s own network. Company use this feature for internal use.

For example, company establish it’s own web server, for placing documents such as employee handbooks, purchasing form or other information that company publishes for internal use.

It also has Internet services such as FTP servers or Usenet servers.


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